Street Media | Dracula & Jackie Chan

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Who remembers the bad ass cartoon, Jackie Chan Adventures? This cartoon immediately sprung to mind when I found that Street Media had just released three new T-shirts dubbed; the Talisman Collection. Forget the Dragon Talisman, SM have a Talisman all of their own. It's a strangely fitting coincidence that Parkour and the Martial arts have always had a faint connection.

We'll get back to the Talismans in just a moment, we asked Joe O'Brien a few questions to find out why, in particular, he and the lads went to the home of Dracula in the pursuit of filming an epic adventure:

Why did you choose to go to Romania and make such a spooky film?
"We made friends with two Romanians that had moved to Derby and from there they told us about their country that they had a lot of pride in. Then we heard a track by Commodo that we thought was sick but too spooky for your average video. Cosmin, one of our Romanian pals had to go to Romania for a wedding so we looked at flights which were dirt cheap and booked them."
Do you always look for dogs to film? 
"We don't always look for dogs, there just seems to be loads of them about in a lot of the gritty areas. There were thousands of strays in Romania, we're much fonder of pigeons though."
What was the highlight of your visit to the Count's home country?
"One of the best bits was driving the Transfăgărășan road. 70km of mental twists and turns and it was voted Top Gear's best road in the world."
Where are you going next?
"We're not too sure. Hopefully Brazil!"

You can check out their Romania video below, don't forget to subscribe for more epic travel videos from one of the UK's realest teams. 

You may have noticed that the SM boys are rocking some new shirts in the film, the Talisman collection. Street Media have answered the call. While other brands focus on a monotone aesthetic, Street Media not only bring back a homage to their ever popular Paisley print but they also add a splash of colour to your wardrobe. You can shop the Talisman collection by clicking here