From Skepta to Shakespear

This season we’ve continued to embraced current trends in fashion, we’ve stayed sensitive to the growth of the UK music scene and the influence that has had on street culture in recent months. More specifically artists such as Skepta, who have featured on the cover of Fader as well as appeared in popular talk shows like that of Jools Holland. His ‘road man’ aesthetic has created waves in the fashion scene and this 90’s aesthetic is massively relatable for our current generation of streetwear heads.

‘Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into somethingbetter, or at least something different.’     –Shakespeare

Our collection offers stretchy and light weight cotton based materials to create a sport ready wardrobe. We have used our typical iconography to help strengthen our brands image whilst also adding a splash of colour. The colour palate takes inspiration from a stunning photo of a Dust Storm in Rajasthan, India. I then used Scandinavian influence from my travels to dumb down the colour scheme and give the range a flatter, more apiealing colour palette.

Each item has been designed from paper up, we start with a sketch then go on to add measurements, create samples and experiment with colour until we find the perfect combination of the above. Fashion is a fine alchemy that has many variables, space for influence and space for failure. It’s ever changing and impossible to accurately predecit. Most importantly it’s creative and if you’re not creating your immitating.

Never be afraid to take inspiration from absolutely anything around you. Just because your designing clothing doesn’t mean you can’t read a book on architecture. Keep your mind open and use your new found inspiration to create.


Norml Brand Summer 2016 out now!

Matthew Martin