Fluidity Freerunning Academy | Mega Jam

The Welsh freerunning giant Fluidity Freerunning has been teaching the local Cardiff community in schools, events and gymnasiums for the past 12 years, from working with the original Urban Freeflow to become ADAPT certified the team has developed into their own entity through years of hard work and experience.

The team has opened a huge parkour facility that they can call home, the largest indoor facility in the UK boasts bars, warped walls, foam pits and trampoline walls. Sounds like the most fun ever? You can join Norml Brand at the first ever Fluidity Mega Jam, All Of The Day and All Of The Night. Norml Brand athletes Alfie Green and Jaydn Clark as well as Jack Bennett, Tom Taylor and Marcus Wilson will be attending to help build the hype. We will be hosting our own unique pop up shop where you can try on clothing and purchase in person, no postage, no hassle and we even accept card!

If you want to help support Fluidity but can't make it to the jam or simply don't have the spare cash you can still vote for them to receive funding via Aviva's Community Fund Project it only takes a few clicks and could make all the difference to the entire Welsh Parkour community.

We hope to see you there!