Best of Freerunning Fashion 2016

2016 is nearly over and it wouldn't be the end of another year without some kind of a round up. If we didn't round things up we would be stuck in a continuous loop of new years eve, fact. I wouldn't have been able to write a list of my favorite freerunning fashion items in past years because, until now, there has not been the diversity in design. 2016 saw many new brands pop up and old ones further establish themselves. New and old drive each other onwards, with new brands bringing fresh creativity and creating more deeply woven links into cultural niche's. Older brands in turn have to step up their game in a struggle not to be lost and forgotten. This cycle continues to excels brands to new heights into 2017.

In no particular order I want to start with a newer company, Flogang with their Feelings Jar hoodie. This one colour, bright pink, specimen is a bold way of establishing Flogang and what you might expect to see from these guys in the future, each Hoodie is hand printed in a grungy font sporting their logo in a repeat pattern. Flogang have managed to captivate their whole look in one item and that's more then I can say for most this year.


Next up, the Old Lady T-shirt from Marrero Gang, I'm not too sure if this T-shirt was first put on sale this year but It's certainly been sold on the gang's site in 2k16, so it makes the list. This shirt is comedy genius and captivates Marrero in a second. The guys have backed up their humorous T-shirts with a mockumentary and various comedic skits in their Youtube videos. The gang has solidified themselves as the comedy capital in parkour this year.

DOING THINGS Marrero.jpg


Next up is a more grown idea. An example of how, with the coming of new brands, more established brands like Storror have to step up and think of new ways to innovate. This has pushed them to start working more closely with cut and sew techniques. The RCA Tour jacket is a prime example of their new work, It's bold yet sleek with its use of tonal and monochrome design garnihsed with a red zipper. Read more about the collection in an interview I conducted with Drew Taylor earlier this year by clicking here.


The Farang Border Shirt stood out to me as one of the most innovative products of the year. It's a diverse item of clothing not often associated with what you might go training in. The shirt can button up nicely to become almost a dress shirt, alternatively it can be worn as an outer layer making it accessible to anybody. This could be a great asset to somebody who is training on the beach, or in cold weather. 

The final shout out is to The Motus Projects. Giles was able to create a full capsule of clothing with a clear theme and even a charity fundraiser with his 2016 collection Origins Collection. One item that was a clear success from the collection was the Cotton Twill Training Pants, these pants looked like a pair of skinny jeans fit for a job interview. The pants are durable, flexible and subtly designed. there is no loud iconography, it's the innovation alone that sets them apart from the rest of the legwear in 2016.

So there we have it, a short and sweet round up of just a few items that captured my eye this year. Now you've done that you can enjoy 2017 in peace, knowing that you will never have to experience new years eve 2016 again.

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