RCA interview with Drew Taylor

Storror have released another dose of Roof Culture (RC) in the form of two cut and sew garments. The new collection shows that the brand is taking things very seriously in the clothing department of their multitude of skills. Storror are offering both a Long Sleeve Jersey and the RCA Tour Jacket, which hosts all the destinations of their illustrious RCA tour along with a few designs that have been staple to the RC collections thus far.

We spoke to the team's core designer, Drew Taylor about the transition into cut and sew, the inspirations behind the designer and the future of Storror and the freerunning fashion scene:

"The hardest part for us is definitely the time scale - we pride ourselves on having more releases than any other fr brand a year, and being able to respond quickly to trends and tie into key projects we're working on. But when you're manufacturing in asia, everything takes longer, we started sampling these in april, and literally got them in the warehouse today. So that was really difficult for us thinking that long term.
The dream is to be creating products that function better for what we do than anything else on the market. We know what tracers need and want better than any global sports brand, so we are really focussed on creating products that perfectly fit our niche. We're also keen to expand our product line even further and definitely shoes are on our radar.
My inspiration is pretty widespread high-end brands like Y-3, Hood by Air, OAMC, Off White, have a pretty obvious influence but I always keep my eye on more accessible brands like Stampd, 10Deep, Publish, Admirable - stuff like that y'know. I really appreciate simplicity.
Lol a 10deep collab and my life would be complete
The future is bigger and better, as brands like us continue to create better products and the community continue to respond so positively you can expect to see huge growth. We're nearing the critical point where the general public are starting to recognise the specific look of a freerunner, and that's gonna be super important. It's down to us to show how cool what we do is in order to build mainstream appeal."
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