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We kicked off 2018 with the release of the Vapor Collection. Growing up in the 90s, we all shared in some experiences: watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, hearing dial-up tones, and waiting in front of that Window 95 startup screen that lasted far longer than is should have... We wanted to pay homage to this loud, highly-saturated era of pop culture with graffiti-style graphics, tracksuit pants, and a colour pallet that Will Smith's younger self would feel perfectly at home in.

Long gone are the days of Dexter's Laboratory, Animaniacs and Art Attack, but the aesthetic of the 90s has made a comeback on today's interwebs in the form of the Vaporwave aesthetic and accompanying music genre.

Let’s dive into the details that have gone into each item of the collection - we begin with the Leaves hoodie, the thick screen-printed image of a drowning leaf is designed to emote feelings of melancholy. The Serif font and grayscale palette gives a cold feel to the image, with these components coming together to help symbolise the seemingly eternal struggle of staying afloat in the winter wetness. The thick print is also accompanied by a small and somewhat understated embroidered design. We stayed clear of our Asterisk logo and have opted instead for the text to carry the brand image. The Hoodie comes with a custom cut-and-sew fit encompassing a hidden pocket and additional headphone compatibility that helps you listen to that vaporwave playlist while you train.

This season’s Dad Hat is simply the perfect outfit topper for the collection, keeping it subtle and in keeping with the theme, we used splashes of the color pallet from the rest of the collection to tie the look together. We used the Air Jordan V Grapes as inspiration for the pastel green and purple.

The Trackpants are designed to capture a bygone era not yet forgotten. The rise of sportswear is ever prominent on the streets, and recently it has been finding its way into higher fashion with designers such as Errolson Hugh and Yohji Yamamotto focusing on functionality and specialist fabrics that can stand the test of time - see their respective projects including Yojis' Y3 and Hugh's ACRONYM. We wanted to create a pair of pants you could live in, something these two designers would be proud to have released, a long lasting, stylish pair of sweats that include functional aspects that complement the aesthetic of the garment.

The Vapor Long Sleeve is the collections flagship item, truly capturing that 90s vibe with an off-white cotton fabric printed with both our graffiti-style motifs. Light enough to train hard in with the benefit of keeping your arms warm on those bitter winter days. I want to give a big shout out to Josh Dohy who helped design the logos and really helped steer the aesthetic of this collection towards its final look.

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