YT UPDATE | What's new in 2017

What's up people. 2017 has been a very strange year so far, America is divided over their leader, Britain is leaving the EU but let's face it, all we really care about is when Roof Culture Asia is going to be released!

The year so far has been busy for us, the release of our Lunar 17 clothing collection was an amazing kickstart to the year for us. Everyone responded positively to what we were trying to do and it's given us huge inspiration to keep elevating our standards. We have taken on a new Director, Timothy Gaudet who is helping us grow from the inside, Tim has a new video out now on our Youtube, you can check out Tim's Instagram mix at the bottom of this page, get to know.

We also released a documentary made by Abdull Nurdin-hussein featuring another of our representatives, Tom Taylor from Bristol UK. The doc follows Tom on a training day in Bristol as he talks about his struggles and aspirations. Tom is one of the nicest people I know always willing to help others, he's just released a new website that hosts a parkour calendar, the most definitive place on the net for all parkour and feerunning competitions and events, Check it out here. You can find Tom's video, The Hunt for Power, beneath this article.

We have tons more video content coming your way very soon including a new take on a favourite of ours, the Raw Tapes. Raw Tapes is coming back to our Youtube channel tomorrow! This time featuring our representatives from all around the world, the first video will feature none other then Joe Strange, the star of our first Raw Tape series back in 2015.

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