Product Review | Strike Movement Chill Pill

Strike Movement is a Vancouver based company with a Helsinki outlet who make minimalist shoes designed for all types of movement. They sponsor @apexnorcal heavyweight @iamwavezilla and their Chill Pill series has been gaining traction in the PKFR community. 

I picked up a pair of Chill Pill Transits for about €119 (£120 incl. UK shipping) and have trained in them solidly for 3 months. My first impressions were that the flexible upper section accommodated my abnormally wide forefoot, and that the grip of the sole was excellent straight out of the box.

Strike Review-1.jpg

From wearing thick-cushioned Asics Gel Lyte IIIs for a year, the lightweight Strikes were a welcome change. The high level of sensitivity afforded by the slimmer frontal sole was a blessing for rail landings, and I found my confidence improving with anything involving delicate footwork as they gave helpful haptic feedback when my technique faltered.

'Aesthetically, the shoes are dope AF.'

After 3 months of heavy use the grip has visibly worn down, but this hasn’t yet translated into performance loss. I anticipate that they will grip consistently until I burn through the black rubber sole, perhaps in another 3 months or so.

Strike Review-2.jpg

Aesthetically, the shoes are dope AF. They’re a deep black with simple, clean-edged sections and no ugly branding on the sides. The tongue has a built-in “Pleasure Pocket” (uh…) to tuck in your laces, which is a particularly nice touch, and the shoe keeps its form despite consistent use.

The price tag is steep, and may deter some practitioners who are likely to tear through the grip quickly without being able to appreciate the shoe’s more subtle assets. Otherwise, they come with my strong recommendation - I’ll certainly be buying another pair.

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