Nate Weston is Norml Brand's most recent sponsored athlete, and is renowned for pushing freerunning into new territory whilst remaining a humble and grounded guy. Nate just came 2nd in Style at NAPC 5, having placed 1st the year before. He'll be competing in this year's Red Bull AoM in October, and we thought it was high-time that we caught up with him.

Height:   1.8 m

Weight:   88 kg

Training since: 2012

Favourite athletes: @joeyadrian, @_alfred_scott, @erik3run 

Favourite shoe brands: Strike Mvmnt, Feiyue

Where did you start training, and how has this affected the athlete you’ve become? 

I started training in my backyard on my trampoline and high-bar I put up, and I didn’t train with anyone until after around a year of training alone. I think that really helped develop my current mindset. 

Your mindset has certainly taken you far - how did you build up the confidence to land side—flip rail precisions in big competitions?

I started working on side flip rail precisions fairly early on into my training, beginning with a soft landing no more than a couple of inches off the ground. Next, I practiced them on rail precision trainers, and eventually I did them on a hip-height bar with mats level with the bar, so it felt as if it was on the ground. Then I took away the mats away, and voila!

When it comes to competition, you have to clear your mind and only think about your run and how to execute it properly. Once you let your body do the work, everything becomes way easier, and side-flips to rails are no different! 

Needless to say, you’ve done some mad things over the years. What has been the most frightening experience in your training so far?

My most frightening experience was probably when I peeled out from a 12ft bar to hard ground, landing on my upper back/head. Went unconscious, and can't remember much from that day or what had happened. 

Seeing the things you do now, you don’t seem to have gained a fear of bars! What are you afraid of?

My greatest fear is that I will eventually stop training, which I do not want to happen. I want this love and passion to last forever, and I am deathly afraid it will go away.

Have you ever felt come close to quitting? Why, and what made you come back?

I was the closest I had ever been to quitting in December 2016 while I was dealing with multiple injuries that had kept me from training for around 3 months. I was so tired of hurting physically and frustrated with how little I was training. Eventually the injuries went away and I am happier than ever to be 100% training!

What would you like to see more of in the PKFR community?

I would love to see more people getting the opportunity to make freerunning and parkour their life. To not have to worry about making money doing something else, and just travel, train, and make sick videos.

Shoutout someone who deserves more recognition:

I think that @corbin_reinhardt is still being slept on. Such a talented athlete, and still very few people know of him. 

Lastly… would you rather wake up tomorrow as Ez or Adam Dunlap?

NEITHER! I guess I would be Adam Dunlap (sigh) that way I would not be in jail...