Introducing | Desheay Jenkins

Golden State OG Desheay Jenkins (@desheay) joins the Norml Brand Collective after working with us closely over the last year. We caught up with Grandmaster Flow to gain some perspective on one of parkour’s most active personalities.

  • Height So close to being able to reach high snack shelves…5’ 5” (163cm)

  • Weight 134lbs (60.8kg)

  • Training since 2010 (shoutout to Altaïr.)

  • Favourite Athletes I don't have any specific favorites, but I enjoy peeps who can flow seamlessly, Swing hard on bars like a boss, or make me say “how/why tho?”

  • Favourite parkour shoes Puma Smash V2, Strike Chill Pill Mids

  • Side-flip precisions or rail strides? Sideflip pres to rails are mad….lookin at you Kelan.


Gym manager, pro athlete, brand owner, coach, freestyle rapper sliding in your DMs… your CV stretches further than I can jump. What’s the story behind your diverse career in the parkour/freerunning world?

Ayye thank you for the love guys! It’s actually pretty amazing to me still, I’m relatively new to the parkour community. In the span of 4 years, with the support of the people that care about me, I've gone from being completely out of the parkour scene, to becoming an internationally known athlete/personality. I'm truly just in awe where parkour has taken me —  It’s connected me with friends all around the world.

4 years ago after leaving a very unhealthy training environment, I started as a self-taught freelance coach doing private lessons in the Bay area. My first platform was Wix and my domain was, (it doesn't exist anymore). After a while of doing that, I was introduced to my core team of co-founders of what is now known as Sessions; formerly Bay Area Movement/BAM. These amazing people are family to me, I’d go through hell and back with and for them. While Angel and Diana tackled the background work, I started my journey with BAM as a coach. After working through countless trials, I grew and learned how to improve my craft. I became Head Instructor, and now I’m General Manager. At this point in my career, I’m working towards being a consultant and representative for Sessions, but that’s not all I have in store.

Fast forward to now, and BOOM —  I'm here with you guys as well. We’re finna make some magic happen!

It must have taken hard-graft and sacrifice to get there. What keeps you motivated/what inspires you?

Work ethic and sacrifice— who knew two words could evoke so much emotion in a human? I’ve endured many sleepless nights, exhaustion, crying at night, fear, and losing my fucking sanity at times! My obligation to my team is a strong motivator for success; however, making an environment for my little brother is what kept me going through my most harrowing times.

Before the gym started, my little brother Donivin was pulled from my life. It killed me. Honing in on my emotional strength and resilience was the only way to get my responsibilities done and drive the gym forward. There was no way around it, I had to to cope with not having my brother. At times my strength felt like a facade. I knew that if I did my best to make the gym successful, he’d have a safe place to train and thrive. That not so lil shredder now is (@donivin.p)! He’s an important key factor that motivated me to be who I am - however, that doesn't fully answer your question.

Angel, my fellow co-founder,  inspires me to be more than what I am. His drive, work ethic, compassion, and “Only you can fully believe in yourself” outlook blows me away. He believes, practices, and values meritocracy and integrity. He’s an amazing business partner, father, and he’s the biggest positive male role model I’ve ever had in my life.

Aye, who left these sliced onions here??

What has been your worst bail/injury and how did it affect your mindset?

Hmmm….I’d have to say there’s not one, but three severe bails I’ve taken since starting parkour:

  • Hyperextending my left knee (R.I.P.) - this one happened in 2014 and it SUUUUCKED! Right before my trip to NY,  I snapped my knee backward on a flip I was super comfortable with. I don't quite remember how it affected my mindset, but I do remember learning to practice extra caution before leaving on trips!

  • Phat concussion - Well, long story short, I peeled off an 11ft bar straight to my shoulder/head on concrete. I got a level 2 concussion, and I hurt my right MCL. This was a very long healing process filled with trials I hadn’t previously prepared for, waaaavy times haha... I came back stronger, and had a new respect for the bars. Stay chalked.

  • Partial ligament tears in spine  - This one wasn’t even parkour, or flips haha. I was bouncing on my butt on the trampoline and somehow ended up head 1st into the trampoline...I scorpioned. In fact, I was the SCORPION KING OF THE TRAMP! Forreal though, the injury put me out for at least 6 months, that time absolutely tested my resilience once again, and I survived.

What scares you and why?

The thing that scares me most is not living up to the potential that I know I have, or taking opportunities that are in front of me. I’m scared of being letting myself slip up.  I know that as long as I can have attributes like integrity, resilience, grit, work ethic, and ambition, that’ll never happen. Other than that, i'm scared of touching raw chicken meat with my bare hands.

In 20 years, what do you hope to be doing, and what would you be doing if it wasn’t for PK/FR?

In 20 years, I hope to be financially stable with steady passive income and to travel the world. You know, experiencing life to its fullest. Boolin status. I also hope to be both a seasoned athlete and businessman. Either way, I want to continue to push the sport in a positive direction. I wanna look back and see a trail of happy faces, prosperity, and love. Having abs at 46 would be great too haha!

Oh what would I be doing without parkour? Real talk — before I discovered parkour and the people in it, I had a very different journey in my sights. I had been set on immersing myself the military/private military sectors. I would have most likely been in the military for the remainder of my young adult life; whether it was cut off early or not. That’s not my path anymore though. I want to spread love and experience, not harm.

What would you like to see more in the community?

I’d love to see more opportunities for athletes who have put their lives into this sport. I’d love to see money going into to the people who participate in progressing Parkour. Imagine this—  athletes receiving $10,000 for a competition ran by an organization of homies whose goal was to see the next generation grow. That's something I’d love to see any day.

Anything you'd change?

I’d like to change myself into the best version of myself everyday.

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