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Becoming The Boss

It's hard to justify getting new clothes when you make them yourself, but when Jason Paul kindly offered to hook us up with some Farang garms, we could hardly say no. On the manifest email, one listing stood out: a single yellow "The Boss" t-shirt. Large.

I was a little uncertain at first. Putting on a t-shirt proclaiming that Iā€™m "The Boss" presented a series of dilemmas for me:

  1. Would I have to battle Rusty for Norml Brand supremacy before I could wear it?

  2. If I won, how could I design clothes from a spreadsheet?

  3. Do I want to be king of the ashes anyway?

  4. Does Jason know all this, and is he trying to engineer a civil war in the Norml Brand camp?

Fortunately, the shirt ended up fitting me better than Rusty, and we didn't have to resort to (much) violence. All was good with the world and Jason was forgiven.

It's now my wife's favourite oversized t-shirt to steal.

The Secret Flap

Rusty and I were particularly stoked about the poncho (2 this time, or there would have been bloodshed). I'd seen it a lot online, but my favourite thing about Farang clothing is little details that you can't appreciate until you're actually wearing it.

The poncho has a lot of these surprises - an unfinished hem around the arm holes, a different fabric for the enormous front pouch, and a discreet zip-up phone pocket inside.

My favourite by a long shot, however, is the secret flap. It took me about a week to discover it, but underneath the front pouch, the panel of fabric can be lifted up to reveal some hidden prints.

There's something indescribably satisfying about lifting the flap. It serves as a non-verbal, long-distance greeting, too. Lift the flap. Rusty shakes his head.

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Catch Bargains, Not Bodies

As much as the designs themselves, it's these extras that can't be translated in pictures that keep me coming back for more. In fact, only a month later, I've picked up a Discretion sweater and pin set in the Farang sale running at the moment.

The sale also includes the poncho and Boss t-shirt, so be sure to snag a bargain before it ends on September 20th.

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Author: @norml_tjg