The Motus Projects | Ascent/Descent editorial

The Motus Projects has quickly established themselves as a staple part of parkour culture, born from the mind of Giles Campbell Longley the brand needs no introduction. Clothing, films and podcasts, TMP has its hand in all forms of parkour entertainment.

Giles works closely with Jake Wheildon and Casey Wilson, on his latest collection - bringing together creative minds from two sides of the planet. Casey’s (USA) photography complemented with Jake’s (UK) digital graphics bring this print heavy capsule to life. The collection allows the prints to do the talking, using understated base colour garments that become the canvas for contrasting hues; pinks and blues - teal and orange.

The four piece capsule pays homage to a freerunner’s addiction of scaling buildings, reminding us once again that it’s parkour to the core for The Motus Projects.

The Ascent/Descent collection is available now:

Screenshot 2019-11-10 18.06.00.png
Screenshot 2019-11-10 18.05.48.png
Screenshot 2019-11-10 18.07.47.png