Art in Parkour | Jake Wheildon is @Jawhel_

In this blog post we took the time to interview Jake Wheildon a 24 year old graphic designer from Rotherham, UK. Better know by his Instagram handle @Jawhel_, Jake has created a unique style with his abstract graphical imagery with a neo abstract Japanese theme underlying the straight trippy use of colours and shapes. We asked Jake a slue of questions to try and fill you in on what makes the man tick.


What's up Jake, you seem to have emerged into the freerunning scene in a pretty new and interesting way, as an illustrator and graphic designer. Your emergence into the culture shows a potential tipping point for the sport, a time when artists are able to work with brands that share the same passions and values to create streetwear level parkour clothing.

What brought you into Illustration and why do you work so closely with the Parkour Community?

I guess you could say Parkour is what partially started my creative spree. With the whole concept of Parkour pushing yourself physically and mentally, this then pushed me to open up to some new ideas within Graphic Design. Something in me always felt right when I looked at artwork, like some sixth sense; but I never pursued it until two years ago. Without a doubt the Parkour Community is something so grounded and sort of spiritual to some that I'd like to be apart of it forever.

What's your favourite piece of art you've released so far?

Either my pattern work in terms of aesthetics or the 'Solar Collection' as it's my proudest piece thus far.

What are your usual mediums/software/etc you use to create your art?

I mostly use the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator & After Effects), but sometimes I'll incorporate 3D elements from Cinema4D.

What's your dream company/brand/musician to work for in the future and how actively do you think you'll be working with Parkour brands?

As of now I am hoping to pursue my work within the Parkour Community and to the general public. I have no dream as of now but to become the best I can.

Where is Jawhel_ going, do you have an epic plan or is it job to job at the moment?

For now it's job to job, but I will be trying to get some prints in for sometime next year.

We gave you a pretty vague brief for the Orbital design you created for our Long Sleeve that later turned into a base for all other designs in our Solar Collection. What outside inspiration influenced the finished product?

Music is partly an inspiration for me, it can affect my mood which then affects my work. Another inspiration is simply aesthetics. I have no favourite artists, I either browse pinterest, instagram or let my mind wander. I've always been open to many art forms such as simplistic, minimalist & geometric art.

What advice can you give to designers who are thinking about getting into it but are yet to jump in the deep end?

The only advice I can give is to work with feeling and your eyes. There's nothing wrong with incorporating tutorials into your work. Being different and true to your own style is noticeable. Best of luck to anyone wanting to pursue Graphic Design, but always stick to it.

Be sure to check out Jake’s jam packed Instagram for more artwork