Best of Freerunning Fashion 2017 | Top 5

2017 saw a lot of established brands spread their roots deeper into the FR ground. It was a year for experimentation and execution for designers taking some huge leaps forward. Towards the end of the year seemed to be when the real heat dropped, starting with the release of the Storror TEN which is currently receiving well-deserved praise from the community (comprehensive review coming soon). Storror's Drew Taylor took to NYC to have the shoe designed by professionals who have worked with the likes of DC and Supreme. The result is a smart runner that takes cues from the Puma Trinomic and oddly resembles the Nike Tubular whilst still maintaining its own original silhouette. 

Storror also released my personal favourite item of the year: the Sherpa-style fleece named the AW17 Storror Fleece Hoody

Street Media answered Josh Dohy's prayers for an oversized striped long sleeve. Riding the wave of the A$AP x GUE$$ collaboration earlier this year, the release was perfectly timed. The long sleeve was accompanied by a pair of track pants that tie the look together in a perfectly slavish way. We look forward to seeing what the Midland lads do next year as they continue to pursue their fashion-conscious grunge themes and dive deeper into the Slovak world.

Street Media Striped Oversized tee

The Motus Projects have been working on pushing more technical aspects of design. The ATO collection features a slew of winter-ready apparel and seemingly tough outerwear. The likes of a new multi-faceted backpack, available to preorder ready for 2018, symbolises the route Giles is taking the brand: he is interested in a path not well-trodden by the freerunning marketplace but oh-so needed. That is a need for sturdy apparel that will take a real thrashing, not aiming to be the perfect clothing to train in, because let's face it - no one actually trains hard in a jacket or backpack. It is however designed to keep you warm at the Air WIpp Challenge, cool at the Tempest Takeover, and carry your shit through customs on the way.

In particular we wanted to highlight the Half Zip Windbreaker for its contrasting two-tone design and for adding a new depth to the FR fashion marketplace.

Motus Half Zip

Farang are the only feature outside the UK - the rest of the world needs to step up their innovation game! The Wrap Poncho is lavish, luxurious and difficult to actually look cool in. All the more reason for this to be a standout item for the year. Farangs collections are all too small and infrequent so to be teased with such a luxury item is comforting and satisfying. We expect nothing less from the global trend setters.

Farang Poncho

There we have my personal favourites from 2017. I really wish I could have featured more items, but quite frankly, where's the heat?! All jokes aside, we did see some established brands push the levels of production to a new level once again, and I can only hope that this level of design is inspiring you to go out there and start your own brand. 

I just want to add that Tempest did drop some very lavish items this year in the form of their 10th anniversary collection, 10 Years & Running, it's definitely worth a look - Tempest Shop

Going into 2018 it's always fun to set goals and make a few vague predictions, that being said, what interesting items will freerunners add their touch to in the new year? Let us know in the comments below!