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Art in Parkour | Jake Wheildon is @Jawhel_

In this blog post we took the time to interview Jake Wheildon a 24 year old graphic designer from Rotherham, UK. Better know by his Instagram handle @Jawhel_, Jake has created a unique style with his abstract graphical imagery with a neo abstract Japanese theme underlying the straight trippy use of colours and shapes. We asked Jake a slue of questions to try and fill you in on what makes the man tick.

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Nate Weston is Norml Brand's most recent sponsored athlete, and is renowned for pushing freerunning into new territory whilst remaining a humble and grounded guy. Nate just came 2nd in Style at NAPC 5, having placed 1st the year before. He'll be competing in this year's Red Bull AoM in October, and we thought it was high-time that we caught up with him.

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