Self Sculpting | Josh Dohy Pro:File

Podiboy. Dohy. J-Doh. Doh-baller.

He is a man of many names and many tricks, and his hour is now. To accompany the release of our latest Pro:File, we asked Josh a few questions to give you a bit of background on the off-axis Canuck.

  • Height: 5’9

  • Weight: 170 lbs

  • Training since: August 2010

  • Favourite Athletes: Team Farang, Josh Malone, Matthias Mayer

  • Favourite parkour shoes: Adidas Essential Star 3.0

  • Cuisine to eat forever: KBBQ Japanese fusion! Is that cheating??

How did you come to be involved with NB from across the Atlantic?

I’m a long-time supporter. I heard about NB by watching Marcus Wilson back during all the WFPF stuff. Watched all the vids, reposted all the content, and then I remember posting a pic in ripped Farang harems and Norml commented on the photo asking me if I wanted a new pair of Norml harem joggers. I was like, hell yeah!

"Mostly I’m afraid I’m not trying hard enough."

You’re an avid designer and a true fashionista, but what inspires you outside of streetwear?

I’m really inspired by architecture and nature and the ways I can apply their aesthetics to clothing. The lines, shapes and palettes of architecture are so beautiful and strong. The colours and shapes that naturally occur in nature blow me away. It’s a fun challenge to try to translate ideas from those subjects without drawing too direct of a line. With my personal brand I make designs that tell a story from my life.

I’ve seen your whiteboard of dreams on IG. What’s your life plan at the moment?

I’m beginning my final year of my Film Acting Conservatory, then I’m free to make waves throughout the acting world! It will be interesting to see how I can marry my two passions of acting and freerunning. I’m enjoying competing and MCing at freerunning events. 

Lately I’ve found joy seeking ways to solidify and apply the knowledge I’ve gathered via books, experiences & activities, to create principles (keys) I can apply to everything I do. For example: practicing hot yoga has given me a deep understanding of the need to relax into tension, whether bodily or in my head, as well as just identifying tension and its root cause. 

I’m starting a small clothing brand because my sample run was a hit at NAPC. I’d love to start a podcast & do stand-up comedy at open mics… those have been on my to-do list for too long.

It’s a brave thing to commit to entering that world. What does scare you?

I’m afraid of most things. I’m often thinking about the worst thing that can happen - I credit having an overactive imagination. I’m afraid of not creating a life occupied solely by things I enjoy and people who I love. Mostly I’m afraid I’m not trying hard enough. 

 Where do you hope to fit into the parkour scene in 20 years’ time?

20 years is a long way away…I hope that my current enjoyment of the sport creates ripples that impact impressionable athletes to free themselves of the ‘rules’ they create around their enjoyment of the sport, and just flow through environments using creativity & movement inspired from the heart. I hope that after finding success in the acting world, I can use my influence bring positive exposure to parkour and freerunning, showcasing to the public the flow aspect of the sport that I enjoy so deeply. 


Give me some quick-fire life tips:

  • “Relax bro.” - Pasha.

  • Everything you do in life yields a lesson you can use to improve

  • Just move like YOU would move. I know its hard because it's taken me years to fully understand the value in this.

  • Travel as much as possible. It leads to exponential growth and teaches you new perspectives.

  • Understand creativity is a shy creature; trying to force its appearance will leave you exhausted and frustrated. Find situations that make it come out on its own & always be open to the moment.

  • Get the hell off your phone and experience the world around you.

  • Don't eat expired soreen.


If you enjoyed Josh's story you can directly support him by using the code DOHYDISCOUNTS on the Norml Brand store.

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