When I was hosting the Norml Brand Pop-up shop earlier this year at 4TLOM I was approached by two young traceurs with a very grown idea. The idea to create an online shop that was dedicated to selling the best in Freerunning Fashion and equipment. Rene and Valentine are an Austrian pair of dedicated freerunners who live and dream the sport, wanting to be able to continue to live off the fruits of their labour long after they finish their studies. The pair have invested all of their monetary wealth into creating a sustainable retail business that supports both the brands and the customers by offering a wide range of apparel for competitive prices. 

To separate Parkour Store from the crowd they have set up a service that directly helps individual communities. Send your ideas to Parkour Store on their 'Help with Jams' page and they will act as a consultant, helping you work out the logistics, from finding a venue to acquiring an air track. This service is currently only available in Germany but will soon be expanding across the rest of the world. The shop also hosts a map of all Jams that have been entered into their data base.

Parkour Store foresee the growth of freerunning fashion and want to create a community rooted company before larger corporations begin investing and profiting from the sport. It's important that the people that have been rooted in the community for so many years, that are a part of the growth and investors of their own time and money, get a good thick slice of the pie before large corporations come along and swallow up the entire scene with the sole goal of becoming the most profitable.

"Before this becomes a concerning problem we want to create a project that comes from the community itself,"

If you miss the Norml Brand NB Shorts then you're in luck. We've brought them back and they are available exclusively at! get in quick because they are super limited!

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