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The Motus Projects | Ascent/Descent editorial

Giles works closely with Jake Wheildon and Casey Wilson, on his latest collection - bring together creative minds from two sides of the planet. Casey’s (USA) photography complemented with Jake’s (UK) digital graphics bring this print heavy capsule together. The collection allows the prints to do the talking, using understated base colour garments that become the canvas for contrasting hues of colour; pinks and blues - teal and orange.

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Vapor Collection | Editorial

We kicked off 2018 with the release of the Vapor Collection. Growing up in the 90s we had the pleasures to bask in the entertainment of; The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, dial-up tones and that Window 95 startup screen that lasted about 2 hours longer than is should have... This addition to freerunning fashion adds a splash of colour to the parkour scene and continues to blur the lines between sports and streetwear fashion

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