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Vapor Collection | Editorial

We kicked off 2018 with the release of the Vapor Collection. Growing up in the 90s we had the pleasures to bask in the entertainment of; The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, dial-up tones and that Window 95 startup screen that lasted about 2 hours longer than is should have... This addition to freerunning fashion adds a splash of colour to the parkour scene and continues to blur the lines between sports and streetwear fashion

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"Here we are, injured once again." A J-Dohy story.




  Luckily I was with a huge group, and when you're with freerunners you're pretty much guaranteed that you have somebody with First Aid experience in the mix. As soon as I realized I was broken open I called for friends. They cleaned it out and sealed it with butterfly stitches then wrapped it all up. I didn't have travellers insurance and I was in the US so I decided to leave early and drive 10 hours back to Calgary. Really thankful my friends were down to leave early and also deal with my injured grumpy ass. My recovery period was 3 and a half weeks, but as soon as I got back to training I re-opened the wound and was out for another 6 and a half. 10 total weeks of recovery was a crazy learning experience for somebody who had never been injured for more than a few days.




   The idea of not freerunning was terrifying for me. For the past 6 years I had built up my entire identity around freerunning and to have that taken away, I felt insignificant, naked, and in need of a lot of personal development. I think taking time away from freerunning is something that everybody should do at some point to give them the proper appreciation. 



   I devoted my entire day to rehab, every day for 10 weeks. Everything I did was in pursuit of rehabilitation in some form. I would eat as healthy as possible, exercise multiple ways, listen to podcasts to challenge my brain, exercise creativity in other areas of my life, mobility and isometric stretching, Super Smash Bros Melee to maintain my mentality towards progression and drilling, meditation, and reading about physical and psychological well-being. Things like that. 



   I feel a lot of love. Training has a new kind of energy to it lately. Theres points where I get frustrated because my confidence isn't yet at the level it was before, and my body isn't yet accustomed to the intensity of freerunning yet - I get sore and stay sore for longer, and my ankles haven't been happy. I feel more determined towards the goals I've set and have taken a more methodical approach to my training; tricking days, fear days, trampoline days, jumpy days - things like that.



    Find other areas of your life to apply the skills you've learned in parkour and freerunning to create new experiences. If you're determined to become a great athlete, find the courage to be determined every day to exercise and be creative.

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