What is Freerunning Fashion?

Freerunning fashion is a way for practitioners and enthusiasts to support the growing pool of talent in the world. Freerunning fashion has been born from freerunning athletes taking the growth of the sport into their own hands. It provides a source of income for athletes as well as building a sense of community. "Freerunning fashion is building an economy within the sport of freerunning through the sales of practical and fashionable clothing".

What is Freerunning?


Freerunning or Parkour as it is now officially recognised in the UK is a sport/practise/discipline that uses nothing more than the human body to move through its environment. Although originally derived from the French Military modern day Parkour or Freerunning has evolved into an extreme sport that has been seen standing beside BMX or Skateboarding. Many practitioners still use parkour as a way to become stronger and to better themselves physically and mentally however in popular culture it is often seen as more of an 'extreme sport' with athletes pushing each other to perform bigger and more complex movements. 

Why should I buy Norml Brand?

Norml Brand is built by freerunners for freerunners, we sponsor athletes from around the world offering them a platform to show their talents. By purchasing Norml Brand you are helping further the career of the talented members of our team who otherwise might not be able to travel the world competing in competitions, running workshops and continuing to build the global community. 

We have helped coin the term Freerunning Fashion with our 2014 documentary, Freerunning Fashion